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28 March 2016










The Rovaja Revolution in northern Syria is a gender-equal, fiercely democratic, religiously tolerant Muslim movement that is bravely fighting and defeating ISIS on the ground. It is inspiring ordinary people all over the West, and some are lining up to fight with the Rojavans against the Islamists. Those interested in world geopolitics and the future of democracy worldwide would do well to pay attention to the fate of the Rojava movement. For its fate, like the fate of Republican Spain in the prelude to World War II, will be a harbinger of things to come.
















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30 March 2016










Carlos Puig interviews FGW for Milenio TV. Topic: ISIS (Spanish)






















Nov 2015 – Jan 2016















At a Jewish community event called ‘Día Limud’ I spoke of Netanyahu’s claims concerning the relationship between the German Nazis and Husseini, father of the Arab Palestinian movement and creator of PLO/Fatah, today’s ‘Palestinian Authority.’ This information, I explained, is the Achilles heel of the enemies of Israel. In attendance, José Hamra Sassón, former News Director of Mexico’s Channel 11 (TV), challenged me to produce a single academic reference to support myself. An interesting public debate with Hamra has ensued.















INTRO. What is this debate about? English   |   Description: C:\Users\Francisco\Desktop\Transfer\web\hir\es.png Español










Part 1. An interesting reaction English   |   Description: C:\Users\Francisco\Desktop\Transfer\web\hir\es.png Español










Part 2. Public debate: Basic self-
defense English   |   Description: C:\Users\Francisco\Desktop\Transfer\web\hir\es.png Español










Part 3. Argument and evidence English   |   Description: C:\Users\Francisco\Desktop\Transfer\web\hir\es.png Español






















23 Nov 2015















ISIS attacks Paris, all eyes on ISIS: a gang of terrorists that lord a chunk of the Middle East and claim to be ‘a State.’ Out of nowhere they came, it seems. But any hat trick needs misdirection—the magician’s trade. Now you see it, now you don’t. Case in point: strike terror in Paris, capture the attention, erase history. ISIS was US policy. It was brewing since 2003, when the US invaded Iraq and ‘gifted’ Iraqis with jihadist terrorism that set the US-military prison system to overflowing, becoming a “jihadi university,” as the general in charge called it. When “jihadi university” graduates produced ISIS, and ISIS produced the Syrian Civil War, the US helped them again. Pay attention, or you won’t see the next trick coming
















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December 2015










Jaime Sánchez Susarrey interviews FGW for Azteca 13 on the origin of ISIS. (Spanish)






















23 Oct 2015















Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a speech to the World Zionist Congress, stated that Hajj Amin al Husseini, the founding father of the Palestinian movement, had convinced the Nazis to exterminate the European Jews. We examine here the evidence relevant to this claim.










Part 1: Is this true?










Part 2: Did Netanyahu absolve Hitler and trivialize the Shoa?






















October 2015










May Samra interviews FGW for Enlace Judío on the media storm over Netanyahu's statements about the Mufti Husseini and the Nazis. (Spanish)










































April-June 2006

























Part 1. Was Arab anti-Jewish racism in the first half of the 20th c. fundamentally different from the European variety?










Part 2. Was there, in British Mandate ‘Palestine,’ a ‘nationally
conscious’ ‘Palestinian Arab people’?










Part 3. Did the Zionist Jews take something away from the Arabs in British Mandate 'Palestine'?










Part 4. How did the so-called ‘Palestinian movement’ emerge? The British sponsored it, then the German Nazis, and the US.

















































20 March 2015















“Peace for Our Time,” announced a proud Neville Chamberlain after placing the Czechoslovaks in Hitler’s foaming bite, one he relaxed only to spit threats of European war and anti-Jewish genocide. “Peace in our time” promised Barack Obama in his inaugural speech of 2013. History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Obama prepares already the signature that will normalize the nuclear program of terrorist Ali Khamenei, ‘Supreme Leader’ (official title) of Iran, and would-be emulator of Hitler’s crime against the Jews.
















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25 May 2010















The US government pushes very hard for Israel to give strategic territory to PLO/Fatah in exchange for a promise of ‘peace.’ But what if PLO/Fatah, also known as the ‘Palestinian Authority,’ is a proxy of Iran?
















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8 Aug 2014















In the wake of the recent armed hostilities between Hamas and Israel I have been getting emails from people who believe that the Israeli government created Hamas, funds Hamas, and controls Hamas. I have seen the claim on TV and on the radio. I want to be tickled, because I know where this meme originated. But I can’t laugh—this is too serious.






















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